Zuyosa Sexual Vitality Supplement for Men 4 Pack


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Superb natural ingredients with real health benefits:

L Arginine &ndash, essential amino acid, important for blood flow

Siberian Ginseng &ndash, strengthens the body, increases resistance to stress

Maca &ndash, enhances energy, stamina, athletic performance and memory

Saw Palmetto &ndash, promotes prostate health, used as an aphrodisiac

Avena Sativa &ndash, improves sex drive, erections & pleasure levels during sex

Resveratrol &ndash, lowers cholesterol levels, antiaging benefits

Zinc &ndash, essential trace element, enhances strength & performance

Magnesium &ndash, increases energy & endurance

Vitamin B6 &ndash, boosts immune system, reduces fatigue


  • Suitable for vegetarians (capsule shell made of vegetarian cellulose), kosher & halal
  • Convenient, attractive & stylish packaging
  • Made in Britain